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About Us
Information Technology has made huge and rapid steps. In a brief spanit has woven continents, countries and people into a universal fabric rendering the world an entity devoid of restricting boundaries. The Internet is exploding and acquiring enormous proportions. It is immediately a corporate entity and bazaar, a super store and a garage. This is the real world however virtual it actually is and hellochennai users you through its portals into net Dom where information is available at a clicks effort.
Goldmine Infotech was officially launched in the month of March in year 2000. We at Goldmine Infotech have get underway a portal basically for Chennaites, for kanchipuram people , for vellore people and for jains in Tamil nadu, www.hellothiruvannamalai for thiruvannamali people , for kumbakonam people , for thanjavore people apart from the web hosting and maintenance for our privileged clients' official sites.
At Goldmine Infotech, we render services to host business on web. It is the interest we take to study the business course of our clients that facilitate us to craft strategic web solutions for their enterprise. From creating specialized infrastructure to implementing and managing a complete website, Goldmine Infotech tune-up pioneering solutions to meet your targets on web, explicitly.
We register all type of domain names i.e .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .in,,,,,,,, . Goldmine Infotech has very young and talented team of Programmers and Designers who can develop sites of the most excellent quality. We have the best Servers available both in Indian and United Kingdom with 99.99% up time function.
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